Testing AI
in Smart Cities and


TEFs are specialised large-scale reference sites to test state-of-the art AI and robotics solutions. They are open to all European technology providers wanting to test both software and hardware AI products and services in real-world environments.
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"We have the best European partners who possess great knowledge and experience in working with useful and responsible AI. Through years of collaboration, we have established the necessary knowledge and expertise to match other global regions and have created an ecosystem where we learn from each other very quickly. This is now becoming even more operational," says Martin Brynskov, CitCom.ai lead and coordinator, and Head of DTU Connecting Communities Centre.

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The TEFs

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The TEF Ecosystem


Nordic - Power

The Nordic Supernode is focused on the theme “POWER”. The 9 Nodes are based in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark and work in areas that support smart cities and communities and focus on energy, environmental solutions, cyber security, ethics and edge learning.

Denmark Arrow
  • We Build Denmark/DOLL, City of Albertslund: Teddy Axelsen & Clara Røder      
  • GovTech Midtjylland/ Aarhus City Lab: Signe Marie Skovby Ahm     
  • Technical University of Denmark, DTU: Rasmus Sune Reeh
  • Danish Technological Institute: Frederik Poulsen
  • Center Denmark: Thomas Thue Sørensen      '
  • Gate21: Morten Koed Rasmussen
Sweden Arrow
  • RISE - Kista, Stockholm, Borås: Alex Jonsson
Finland Arrow
  • Business Tampere: Markku Niemi

Central - Move

The Central Supernode revolves around the “Move” theme. The node focuses more specifically on challenges related to mobility and logistics in cities and communities in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Belgium Arrow
  • Imec & City of Mechelen: Thomas Kusmirczak & Julie Grauls
  • Brussels: Karl-Filip Coenegrachts
The Netherlands Arrow

Eindhoven: Niels Wiersma

Luxemburg Arrow
  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST): German Castignani
France Arrow

South - Connect

The Southern Supernode revolves around the CONNECT theme. The supernode focuses more specifically on the need to connect citizens, infrastructures, AI and robotics services securely in cities and communities. This theme and super node will focus on innovations that provide intelligence to local infrastructures and cross-sectoral services in cities.

Spain Arrow
  • Municipality of Valencia (VAL): Ernesto Faubel
Germany Arrow
Poland Arrow

Warsaw University of Technology; Agnieszka Wendland

Italy Arrow
  • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI): Luca Mottola
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CitCom.ai Market Report: Mapping the AI trends in EU, February 2024
The insights in this first market report are drawn from scholarly and grey literature, as well as reports from past EU-funded projects related to AI and smart cities and communities.