Testing AI
in Smart Cities and


18. September – 19. September, 2024
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Mark your calendars and meet CitCom.ai at the 10th Anniversary FIWARE Global Summit in Naples, Italy, on September 18-19, 2024!
05. November – 07. November, 2024
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Meet CitCom.ai at Smart City Expo 2024: The New Urban Areas

Past events

07. November – 09. November, 2023
We will be present at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona through our partners DTU, Business Tampere, Digital Vlaanders, GovTechMidtjylland, imec, RI.SE, FIWARE, Politecnico Di Milano, Valencia City and WeBuildDenmark.
08. November – 09. November, 2023
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Come join CitCom.ai and TEF DK at the huge digitalization conference Digital Tech Summit in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen, close to København H (the main station in Copenhagen). November 8 - 13.30-14: TEF DK - Test for Ansvarlig Kunstig Intelligens: Andreas Holbak Espersen, Director of Digitalization Policy at Danish Industry and Mads Winthereig Bonne - Director of Innovation Strategy at KMD, Location Sal 2 November 9 - 13.30-14: CitCom.ai - Responsible AI for Smart Cities and Communities: Martin Brynskov, Coordinator for CitCom.ai and Senior Researcher at DTU. Location: Sal 2 Photo from 2022 - credit: Mikal Schlosser for DTS
16. January – 17. January, 2024
At CitCom.ai, we are looking forward to seeing you at the OASC Conference “Become Better Connected”, 16-17 January 2024, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Click to learn more!
04. March, 2024
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Mark your calendars for a transformative journey in the world of Artificial Intelligence - the xTEF 2024 Event on March 4, 2024, in Berlin, Germany, proudly hosted by TEF-Health. This event is more than a milestone; it's the grand opening of Europe's leading AI Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) for AI, featuring the collective power of AI-Matters, AgrifoodTEF, Citcom.ai, and TEF-Health. Under the theme "All TEFs Open for Business", xTEF 2024 is a showcase of innovation and a significant leap forward in the European AI landscape. During the event the four TEFs will launch their Service Catalogues, detailing the dynamic range of services and opportunities across these facilities. Click to read more! Find also a link to watch ONLINE
21. March, 2024
Photo: Joshua Sortino. Unsplash
Anyone interested in AI would benefit from participating in this seminar - facilitated by CitCom.ai partner RISE Research Institutes of Sweden - and are welcome to do so. Our focus are however on AI SMEs since they are the target group in the European Testing and Experimentation Facilities. Click to learn more and to SIGN UP!
03. June – 04. June, 2024
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Meet CitCom.ai at the OASC Summit 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands: Connecting local digital ecosystems through interoperability
05. June – 07. June, 2024
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Meet CitCom.ai at Open & Agile Smart Cities' Urban Future in Rotterdam, Netherlands.