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04. March, 2024
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Mark your calendars for a transformative journey in the world of Artificial Intelligence - the xTEF 2024 Event on March 4, 2024, in Berlin, Germany, proudly hosted by TEF-Health.

This event is more than a milestone; it's the grand opening of Europe's leading Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) for AI, featuring the collective power of AI-Matters, AgrifoodTEF, Citcom.ai, and TEF-Health. Under the theme "All TEFs Open for Business", xTEF 2024 is a showcase of innovation and a significant leap forward in the European AI landscape.

Why xTEF 2024 Is Unmissable?

A Gateway to AI Advancements
: Experience a unique convergence of AI innovators and state-of-the-art testing facilities. This event is a rare opportunity for businesses across Europe to tap into advanced resources for AI solution development.

Service Catalogue Launch: The event will unveil a comprehensive service catalogue, detailing the dynamic range of services and opportunities across these facilities. As a living document, it offers a real-time view of what xTEF provides, spanning various countries in Europe.

Networking at Its Best: Beyond showcasing facilities and services, xTEF 2024 is about weaving a vibrant network. It’s a platform for companies to quickly find and connect with local experts, fostering a community where AI innovation thrives.

Be a Part of the AI Revolution!

Whether you're an AI novice, a healthcare professional, or an industry veteran, xTEF 2024, hosted by TEF-Health, is your gateway to the future. 

Click on the links below to sign up and to see the venue. Or to watch online!

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