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CitCom.AI's Strategic Session at OASC Conference 2024 Shapes Future of AI in European Urban Landscapes

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Text: Las Naves, Bernat Adrià Mora and Olga Palomares

CitCom.AI, the European hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Testing, marked its presence at the OASC 2024 Conference with a strategic session. The event, which took place on January 17 in Rotterdam, aimed to shed light on CitCom.AI's pivotal role in advancing AI technologies for smart and sustainable urban landscapes. Joost Haugmark Jensen, Senior Advisor, TEF DK & CitCom.ai Comms Lead moderated this session with three important agents of the ecosystem.

Henrik Thorsen, CEO of EnergyCool ApS, delved into the vital role of Edge Data Centres for SMEs, emphasizing the importance of sustainable AI practices. The discussion focused on reducing energy consumption, integrating renewable energy sources, and enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Claus Popp Larsen (RISE) provided an overview of CitCom.AI's offerings, emphasizing the provision of testbeds and experimental environments for companies developing data-driven services and AI systems. The presentation highlighted CitCom.AI's role in facilitating innovation, experimentation, and optimization for smart and sustainable cities.

Jesper Algren (ITK Innovation, Aarhus City Lab) provided insights into the specialised Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) and their role in testing AI and robotics solutions. The presentation highlighted CitCom.AI's engagement in Aarhus City Lab, offering a real-world platform for developing digital solutions.

Strategic Collaboration

CitCom.AI's workshop served as a strategic invitation to companies, SMEs, RTOs, institutions, and governmental bodies to join the initiative. The project provides a dynamic and collaborative space for testing and experimenting with AI solutions, contributing to the development of smart and sustainable cities.

Co-funded by the European Union, CitCom.AI supports technology providers in testing and experimenting with AI-based technologies. With a focus on key sectors, CitCom.AI aims to facilitate the development of secure and trustworthy AI solutions for the European market.

Please contact Joost Haugmark Jensen (johj@di.dk) to know more!

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