Testing AI
in Smart Cities and

Navigating disruptive markets: Insights from upcoming regulations impact on AI testing and experimentation

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Text: Britta Elfving Persson

Håkan Burden and Susanne Stenberg, Legal Experts at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, were present at "All TEFs Open for Business" in Berlin. They highlighted RISE's commitment to supporting SMEs in testing and experimenting with AI within the CitCom.ai TEF, focusing on test facilities that promote this purpose. How are these establishments affected by new regulations and what potential consequences could arise for the market? This is a short summary of their insights on how disruptive initiatives and new EU regulations are changing the conditions for innovation and reshaping the AI market.

We are facing a time of rapidly changing development, where new AI regulations are shaping the landscape for innovation. AI has become the focus of innovation, and the directives being formulated will dictate how AI is used and developed.

Disruptive technology is a concept often associated with technological innovation. A classic example is when Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry 15 years ago by dictating what a sleek mobile phone should look like. When we talk about disruption today, it extends beyond individual products to instead encompass entire markets. In this context, it’s the market for AI and the services and resources to support it. The disruptive element now could be regulations from the EU.

The new rules open up the possibility for authorities to establish new resources to support the development of AI systems. We raise the question of how the resources we offer for testing and experimentation should relate to these initiatives? Do we want to provide technical infrastructure to the authorities? Or perhaps offer complementary expertise? Or do we want to compete to accelerate market prices?

Fundamentally, we want to empower innovators and assist them in their journey, from idea to market. We do this through our expertise in law, technology, process management, and our extensive network of contacts. But also through the resources we build for testing and experimenting with AI. With a commitment to support and shape this development, RISE positions itself through CitCom.ai TEF as a leading player in the expansive world of AI technology.

Håkan Burden, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Susanne Stenberg, RISE Resarch Institutes of Sweden

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